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Representatives of eight different dynasties ruled Hungary over the succeeding 250 years.Succession of each new dynasty was based on power, backed in most cases by a family connection with the preceding dynasty either through the female line or engineered by marriage.The territory now known as Hungary formed part of the Roman province of Pannonia.It lay in the path of successive waves of so-called barbarian invaders who migrated into Europe from central Asia between the 4th and 9th centuries.The Magyars continued to raid on their own account, and in 907 defeated a Bavarian army at Ennsburg and extended their rule to the old Avar frontier at the confluence of the Enns and Danube rivers.

The Gestis Hungarorum Liber names "Ugekde genere Magog regisdux Scythie", apparently also confirming this alleged descent from Attila, when recording that he was the ancestor of rpd first Magyar leader in Hungary, suggesting that the alleged Magyar/Hun connection was not solely an invention of later Hungarian sources.From there, they passed into the region which is now Hungary where the existing population was sparse.