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Yes, how about tasting some delicious pancakes made by you? Tinkerbell is one the most powerful fairies in the universe. Anna knows very well that her beloved sister Elsa is fond of French pie crust. So, whoever comes to visit her, would present an adorable pet to her. Angela has been asked to go out with her boyfriend for a movie. The sun is always shinning on this sweet little princess and her handsome boyfriend! Fry up some flap jacks and serve them to your friends in this fun and fast paced management game.She has promised her sister that she would always make her happy and joyful. But she feels that she is experiencing blurry vision of late. The stylish duo are from a far away country where fun, games and fashion are every ones first priority. Mizzi always dreamed of having her own room full of fancy stuff. First pour the dough into the fryer, flip it then add all the toppings like syrup, strawberries and...

She suffered a lot because of her step-mother and jealous step sisters. So, it your duty to keep the fridge neat and clean always only then... Sofia the first reads English literature in your college. This little girl has perfectly dressed up for Halloween and ready for the feast but her house is not in good condition as it is turned a little ... Though she is an aristocrat yet she is very pious and humble. The vampire that resides next to your house is Bella. Ensure each child is satisfied by setting them up with whatever they de... You decide with your own colorful, custom duo layer baby shower cake!Hello kitty was eagerly waiting for the long-awaited Halloween celebration. ice it up with all sorts of colorful fun treats and decorate it anyway you want with toys, gifts and...Sports injuries, pulled muscles and simple relaxation are just a few of the countless reasons to investigate massage the... You know about Sophia in and through and so does she. Princess Ariel is a renowned lady for her kindness and ravishing beauty. Can you help Elsa with picking out lovely furniture?

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Baby Rosy was a bit naughty and her mom gave her a special task as a punishment. Princess Ariel has a close friend whose name is Maria. He wants to take all the eye tests and get a solution for his eyes. The pony used to be a pretty one but now it looks quite messy.