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Dee and Frank, for their part, continue their quest to give Old Black Man a home, taking him to a nursing home as agreed upon.There, Old Black Man sees his wife, Ruth, who uses his name, Carl, for the first time in the episode.Charlie, Mac, and Dennis head to an alleyway by Second and Chesnut to get into Dennis’ car, which he doesn’t have keys for because he switched bodies with someone named Reggie Williams, as he discovers after finding his counterpart's wallet.The boys, who now appear black to the outside world, try and get into Dennis’ car anyway, and are arrested, with the group singing “I think we just found out a new rule” from the back of a police cruiser to end the scene.In the episode, the Gang “turns black” after being shocked by an electric blanket while watching with Old Black Man (played by Wil Garret), who previously appeared in season 11’s “Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs.” Dee (Kaitlin Olson), Charlie (Charlie Day), Mac (Rob Mc Elhenney), Dennis (Glenn Howerton), and Frank (Danny De Vito) wake up to find that Old Black Man, who they begin to refer to as “Old Man,” is gone, and that they’ve switched into the bodies of a group of African Americans.Charlie finds that he has turned into a young boy (played by AJ Hudson), while Dennis finds himself in the body of an obese man (Jamal Mixon).

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And then, just through our process, the story became something a little bit different.“He wants me to learn a lesson from his dreams.” In typical body-switching move form, though, it turns out the episode wasn’t entirely made up. As Old Black Man passes by a mirror in the apartment, Scott Bakula’s reflection appears. Mac and Frank's new bodies are similarly aged (Anthony Hill and Farley Jackson, respectively), while Dee is a middle-aged woman (Leslie Miller).

At that point, the episode turns into a musical, with Charlie sing-demanding “one good reason” why the Gang became a different race overnight.Before long, Dennis sings that the pair should “not draw conclusions, they’re only just illusions.” He convinces Mac to be positive, with the pair then assuming they are “good men with houses, kids and wives.” Mac and Dennis then find out via a detective at the station that they are a reverend and a deacon who have contributed extensively to the Philadelphia Police Department’s athletic league.